My name is Sandratra and I’m an independent software developer based in France. I have strong interests in programming, user interface design and human-computer interaction.

I believe that apps should be fun and easy to use. Most people talk about functionalities and features, but I prefer to focus more on usability. I believe in creating things that empower people to do great things.

I work exclusively on my own apps such as Speaky (Voice Reader for web articles), Sitback (Autopilot for Street View) and MONKY (Game). Some of them were featured on the press and popular websites such as EngadgetLifehacker and New York Magazine. I’ve also partnered with Apple and Starbucks in 2016 to feature Speaky as « Pick of the Week ».


Please note: Following an increase in support requests due to the popularity of NoName, we now have a dedicated team of moderators that is responsible for the day-to-day management of the app. If you have an issue or a request, please contact the moderating team through the in-app feedback system.