Speaky - Voice Reader for Web Articles

Speaky is an incredible app to boost your productivity but it's also a very powerful tool used by doctors, teachers, students who want to learn a new language, users with dyslexia but also by blind and low-vision people. How it works? Pick a document or give the link of an article to Speaky and that's it. It will extract the main content and read it out to you.

Collections - Keep track of your items

If you're the kind of people who like to keep track of everything and keep your items organized and easy to find, Collections is an app for you. Create a collection, take a photo, edit it and save it to add a new item. You can assign tags and custom fields to every item.

Whisper - Audiobooks, Bestsellers, Stories

Whisper has an extensive library of audiobooks narrated by people from all around the world, from best sellers to classics, including Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Children’s audiobooks and more. No paid subscriptions: You can stream an audiobook and start listening to a great story instantly.